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Strategic Planning — Tactical Handling

The product of your business is not your IT infrastructure. Managing IT is a distraction from running your business. Yet, without IT your business will fail.

You may have an outsourced IT firm dealing with your desktops and in-house servers. Still, you need to watch what they do in order to make sure it gets done and done right.

You have questions about security, latest technology, what IT services or capabilities will make your business shine and what to avoid.

How often do you have moments where you wonder if your backups are working? Would your business survive in IT disaster? Will your company's IT survive a natural disaster?

How often have you let licenses lapse? Had a panic at the last minute trying to renew a domain name or a service contract?

IT is more than keeping your desktops running.

Closing the gap between your business and your IT

in3x Services

in3x Becomes Part of Your Team

  • In3x assists management in defining the company's IT operational requirements and and in creating a workable IT budget
  • Assesses the technological needs of each of the company's departments
  • Helps grow your company's IT structure to technical and financially appropriate services
  • Performs hands-on IT management (planning, organizing, directing, and implementing)

in3x Manages Your Service Providers 

  • Buillding strong senior relationship bridge with third party service partners
  • Oversee third party service provider projects
  • Co-manage  inhouse and cloud services

in3x Delivers Production Ready IT

  • Identify the need for upgrades, configurations, or new systems
  • Become goto person for all hardware and software evaluations
  • Manage purchase and deployment of IT related hardware, software, and services
  • Ensure that all staff are trained on IT systems, tools, and digital security

Let in3x manage your IT,

freeing you to focus on your business.

What They Say About Us

Eric was responsible for all of our IT needs at EditShare. I was most impressed with Eric's attention to detail, his thoroughness and desire to do things right the first time.

His demeanor was exemplary when dealing with a crisis or just the simplest of tasks. Eric was also very responsive whether at his desk or out in the field.

Eric was a real pleasure to work with and I would highly recommend him for any assignment be it network architecture or the best way to implement new services or equipment. I would work with Eric again in a heartbeat.

Gary Krist Worldwide Technical Support Director, EditShare

Eric helped us set up a cluster system with multiple difficult requirements. His specific knowledge of Unix system administration was imperative for us to succeed with our goals to make a large expansion of computing resources. Eric continues to support these systems.

Andrew Buckler President, Elucid Bioimaging Inc.

I am a self aware novice when it comes to my computer and I am thankful for Eric's incredible patience and thoughtfulness. He was instrumental in a project recently and was able to solve the problem flawlessly. His acute attention to detail was notably perfect!

Mark Sullivan Senior Account Executive, Accurate Fasteners

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About Us

IT Manager, Product/Project Manager, and UX designer.

We live in both worlds of people and information technology. Integrating human experience and IT reveals interesting and creative product and service solutions. We've designed and brought to life IT solutions for a variety of industries.

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